Everything is made by hands

We passionately teach workers the recipe of fruitsand that puts focus on the original flavor.




All our fruitsand is made with the original recipe invented by the owner Minato Fukuoka. We make sure that they are all fresh every time customers visit our store.

Our fruitsand are made with Japanese milky bread, organic fruits, and homemade whipped cream. Fruits are carefully picked by the owner herself. The whipped cream is handmade everyday so that there is always freshness in them. Between the breads, fruits and whipped cream are placed with care, which produces the beautiful and artistic section. 

The sandwiches must be kept in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or more until ready. 






After 30 mins, each fruitsand is carefully packaged by hands with polypropylene film. Workers strive and take pride everyday in packaging them better, to show the section of the fruitsand more beautifully. 




FRUITSAND.`s menu is carefully chosen to satisfy customers` various cravings and needs. 

We make the whipped cream with different flavors everyday so the freshness always exists in our fruitsand. It may seems new to you, but if you actually try it, it makes you realize the new possibility of sandwich. Stay tuned for our announcement of new menus in the future!